Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Episode 042 Goes on and on and won't shut up WHY WON'T IT SHUT UP?!

Oh yeah: we went loooooong! Enjoy! Take break in the middle if you lie. We won't mind.

This Week:
Famine and how government should respond

Morality, altar boys, maturity, homosexuality, and normalcy

Will people change their mind if an authority figure does?

Things Sarah Palin didn't know

15 Things in the Bible War on Women

Creation stories

Martin Luther quotes

"The quadrangle of faith leans right"

Beers consumed:
Widmer Borthers "Brrrbon '11" Seasonal Ale agd in Bourbon barrels
? "Cocoa Mole" in the "Lips of Faith Series" Ale with Cocoa and Spices
Avery Brewing Company "The Maharaja" IPA

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